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Vienna is located in Eastern Austria. The city's current population stands at over 1.7 million residents making Vienna the largest city in the country. The greater Vienna area has a population of around 2.5 million. Vienna also serves as Austria's capital city.

The area around Vienna was inhabited by Celtic tribes dating as far back as 500 BC. The area was eventually captured by the forces of the Roman Empire who built a city and fort at the site of present day Vienna.

During the Medieval Period, Vienna became an important city. It was the home city of the Hapsburg family and the most prominent city in the Holy Roman Empire.

Two major battles were fought outside Vienna in 1529 and 1683 against the Muslim forces of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman forces were defeated thus halting their spread into the rest of Europe.

Austria became a major power and with neighboring Hungary formed the Austro-Hungarian Empire with Vienna as the capital. Vienna developed as a major center of cultural life throughout Europe. The city was well-known for its outstanding musical and operatic performances. Also, Vienna was a center for major thinkers of the day.

After World War I, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was split apart, and Austria lost its status as a major power. During World War II, the Nazi's incorporated the country into the German state.

At the war's conclusion, Austria was occupied by all four of the major Allied powers. Vienna was a divided city. Finally, in 1955, Vienna, and the nation of Austria, was once again able to control its own destiny.

Today, Vienna is an important city in Austria and Europe. Over one-half of Austria's manufacturing industry is based in Vienna. The city is a major producer of machinery, chemicals, ceramics, and scientific equipment. The city's economy is also very dependent upon the governmental services sector.

Tourism is another major component of Vienna's economy. Millions of tourists travel to the city each year to visit the scores of historical sites the city has to offer. Tourists in Vienna will find numerous examples of fabulous architecture, wonderful fine dining, a multitude of classical music listening opportunities and more art than most could view in a single visit.

Vistors to Vienna will find a city that has four distinct seasons. Winter is cold and snowy, and summers can be very warm. Spring and fall are mild.

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