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Tulsa is located in Northeast Oklahoma along the banks of the Arkansas River. The city ranks second in population in the state behind Oklahoma City. Tulsa has a population of slightly over 390,000 residents. Its metropolitan area has a population of approximately 950,000. The name "Tulsa" means "Old Town" in the language of the Creek tribe.

The state of Oklahoma was orginally created by the United States government as Indian Territory. Many Native-Americans were removed from their homelands and transported to the area. The Creek tribe settled in the Tulsa area.

In 1898, the city of Tulsa was created. Tulsa remained a small town in the Midwest until oil was discovered in the area. The discovery of oil was key to the future development and prosperity of the region.

Within a few short years of the discovery of oil, the population of Tulsa exploded. New residents streamed to the city in order to fill jobs in the oil fields and to help with the thousands of construction jobs available in the rapidly expanding city.

With the economy so dependent on a single industry, the city of Tulsa was hit hard by the downturn in the oil industry during the 1980s. Attempts were made by the local government to diversify the city's economy.

Currently, the oil industry is still an important part of the city's economy. However, the attempts at economic diversification have been successful. Tulsa has attracted airline jobs and manufacturing jobs to the city. The financial services industry and technology industries are also becoming more important in the city.

Because of its great oil wealth at the beginning of the twentieth century, many of the city's buildings were created at great expense in the Art Deco style that was popular at the time. The city's architecture also includes numerous examples of contemporary and modernist styles.

Tulsa offers two major institutions of higher learning. The University of Tulsa is the largest university in the city. Oral Roberts University is a prominent university among evangelical Christians.

Tulsa's weather is extreme during the spring and early summer. The city is located in an area that is frequented by violent thunderstorms and tornadoes. In the summer, the temperature often rises to over 100 degrees. Tulsa usually receives only minor snowfall, but is does get cold in the winter.

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