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Tulsa International Airport started as a small airfield in the 1920s in Oklahoma. The airport was the result of many business transactions that eventually resulted in the combination of several smaller fields into a single property. The original airfield was nothing more than light wooden structures and short grass. Although the facility was relatively simple, the location was officially the busiest airport in the world in 1930. The airport serviced over 9,000 passengers in the month of April in 1930 exceeding the numbers recorded at larger airports in Europe. The increased traffic resulted in the construction of a stylish air traffic control tower in 1932 that remained operational until the late 1950s.

The airport was officially named Tulsa International in 1963 after all of the buildings on the property were renovated and rebuilt to meet modern aviation and passenger standards. These buildings stood until a renovation in 2010 started to modernize the entire facility. Tulsa International Airport is located on 4,360 acres of land. There are three runways on the airfield that are each capable of handling large commercial airliners and heavy cargo transports. The largest runway is 10,000 feet long and 200 feet wide. The other two runways are 7,300 feet long and 6,100 feet long. Both are 150 feet wide.

The main passenger terminal contains two concourses. There are a total of 21 gates available between the two concourses with one gate located on the lower level. The terminal has 577,000 square feet of floor space and contains a number of amenities. Tulsa International Airport has also taken many steps to help the environment and to use less power during operating hours. The terminal is stocked with recycled products and all trash is recycled. Organic waste is either composted or sent to a waste energy facility where it is converted into usable power for Tulsa. The inside of the terminal uses a responsibly controlled thermostat, energy-efficient heating systems and lights that automatically dim or turn off based on the sunlight entering the terminal.

Tulsa International Airport hosts more than 3 million travelers in the terminal every year. Each day the airport manages an average of 360 arrivals and departures. This totals more than 129,000 aircraft operations annually. The airport contains a 3.3 million square foot aviation repair and maintenance facility operated by a major airline. It is also home to manufacturing facilities and an information technology company. An Oklahoma Air National Guard base is located in the northeastern part of the airfield.

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