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Airlines Serving Tulsa Airport

American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines all service the Tulsa International Airport. Each of these airlines flies passengers from Tulsa to different locations in and around the country. Each of the four major airlines that fly in and out of Tulsa offer several nonstop flights to cities around the country. American Airlines offers several nonstop flights to Chicago, Dallas, and Miami. Delta's nonstop flights include cities such as Salt Lake City, Detroit, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Memphis. United Airlines has nonstop flights from Tulsa to Los Angeles, Houston, Newark, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Southwest's nonstop flights from Tulsa go to Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, St. Louis, and Houston.

The Tulsa International Airport has one terminal with two separate concourses that service each of the four airlines that fly into and out of the Tulsa International Airport. In Concourse A, passengers will find Delta Airlines and American Airline's gates. In Concourse B, passengers will find the gates for United Airlines and Southwest Airlines. None of the four airlines that service the Tulsa International Airport use Tulsa as a hub. However, each of the four airlines in Tulsa has three of their own gates in their respective terminals. Additionally, American Airlines uses the Tulsa International Airport as their corporate maintenance headquarters. All American Airlines planes are maintained and serviced here in Tulsa, though some other airlines use the American Airlines corporate maintenance headquarters to service their own planes on a contractual basis.

The Tulsa International Airport operates approximately 353 flights per day, including incoming and outgoing flights. The four airlines provide their service to approximately 130,000 passengers each year. Three of the major airlines at the Tulsa International Airport offer smaller connecting flights. American Airlines has American Eagle flights, United Airlines has United Express, and Delta Airlines offers Delta Connection flights out of the Tulsa International Airport.

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