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The Syracuse Hancock International Airport is an international airport, which services the Syracuse, New York area as well as much of western New York as well as farther-reaching areas.  The airport is located just off of I-81 and is less than a mile south of the I-81 and I-481 interchange.

For those travelers coming from the Syracuse area, getting to the airport is quite easy.  From the city center, a traveler could get directly onto I-81 and take it north for about 8 miles before hitting the airport exits.  Total travel time from the city center is less than 10 minutes unless driving during heavy traffic hours.  Those coming from the Syracuse University campus will experience similar drive times. 

As mentioned earlier, the Syracuse Hancock International Airport tends to frequently service travelers coming to and from all other areas of western and northern New York.  The airport typically services travelers coming from the Buffalo, NY area.  From Buffalo, a traveler could take I-90 east until the hit I-81, which will run up to the airport.  The total travel time taking this route is about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  However, during poor climate conditions or heavy traffic, the drive could take far more.  Those coming from the south of the airport, including cities such as Binghamton, NY, can take I-81 north from the southern boundary of the state.  From Binghamton, the total travel time to the airport will be about 2 hours and 50 minutes. 

While the airport does not provide much public transportation options, there are a variety of taxi services in the Syracuse area, which would be willing to provide a traveler a flat fare for a trip to the airport.  Those staying at hotels near the airport could take advantage of the free shuttle services that are provided by the airport. 

Once inside the airport, getting around the airport is fairly easy.  However, for those that are incapable of walking throughout the airport, the airport provides a variety of handicap services.  These could include picking a customer up at the entrance of the airport and commuting them through check-in and security and finally taking them to their gate.  These services normally should be booked about 24 hours in advance of the traveler’s arrival date.

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