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Syracuse, New York, is located in Onondaga County in Upstate New York. Syracuse is the fifth most populated city in New York State and the 167th largest city in the U.S. The metropolitan city of Syracuse is home to approximately 662,577 people. The city got its name from Siracusa, which is located in Italy on the island of Sicily. Syracuse was rated the fourth place in the top ten places to raise a family by Forbes.

For the past two centuries, Syracuse has been a crossroads between the Erie Canal and branch canals as well as for the railway. Located where Interstate 81 intersects with Interstate 90, Syracuse has the largest airport in Central New York. Students attend Syracuse University and the Upstate Medical University and Hospital is Syracuse's largest employer. Other area colleges include SUNY Environmental Science and Forestry. Syracuse University grew from a small number of classrooms to what is today a major institution for research. It's recognized on a national level for it's basketball, football and lacrosse teams.

During the mid-Devonian Period, what is now Syracuse was all sea. When the sea evaporated, salt and limestone emerged as the area's main products. During the Ice Age, the Finger Lakes formed, along with Onondaga Lake and the Adirondack Mountains. These are some of the many signature land formations of Upstate New York.

When the Erie Canal opened in 1825, the sale of salt increased dramatically. Transportation was easier and cost less money, and canal shipments shifted from transporting wheat to pork, which required salt curing. Following the War of 1812, it was difficult to get salt abroad, which made many people turn to Syracuse for their salt. Thanks to the Erie Canal, salt from Syracuse could be quickly shipped to Chicago and other areas of the country.

Syracuse is located at the northeast part of the Finger Lakes Region. There are various neighborhoods throughout Syracuse, many of which were originally villages that eventually joined the city. While the hub of Syracuse is flat, many of the neighborhoods are located on hilly terrain. There are a higher percentage of trees in Syracuse than there is in nearby Buffalo, Rochester, and Albany. This makes the area perfect for exploring nature, part of why it's home to the environmental and forestry school. Throughout the year, Syracuse is generally humid. During the winter, the area gets a heavy amount of snowfall.

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