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The Syracuse Hancock International Airport is located in central New York State and sits just over 5 miles away from the city of Syracuse. The airport was opened to the public in 1949. The airport is named after Clarence Eugene Hancock. He represented the city of Syracuse as a congressional representative from 1927 to 1945. Syracuse Hancock International has become a major destination for flights that are going across the United States and into Canada.

The Syracuse Hancock International Airport is located on nearly 2,000 acres of land that includes the runways, parking, storage, and terminals. There are a total of three runways at the airport. One has been closed permanently. The smaller of the two functioning runways is designated as Runway 15-33. This runway is approximately 7,500 feet long and is 150 feet wide. Runway 10-28 stretches on for just over 9,000 feet and is 150 feet wide. Runways sides 10 and 15 are both equipped with an advanced instrument landing system that helps planes to find and touch down on the runway during poor weather or periods of limited visibility. The runways numbers are determined by dividing the compass heading of the approach side by ten. Each runway has two numbers because both are approachable from each end.

Syracuse Hancock International Airport has been steadily increasing the number of passengers that are served every year for the past few decades. The airport currently sees over 2 million passengers every single year. Nearly 20,000 flights land at the airport annually although this number has climbed to as high as 49,000 in previous years. A certain percentage of the flights that land at the airport are actually freight carriers that are moving packages, mail, and cargo across the country. Over 36 million tons of mail and freight passes through the airport every year headed towards processing facilities or other destinations throughout the United States and Canada.

One of the challenges at Syracuse Hancock International Airport is dealing with the nearly 10 feet of snow that falls on the planes and runways on average each year. The airport has a wide range of tools like 24-foot wide snowplows and powerful deicers to handle the harsh winter conditions. The airport deals so well with snow and ice that it rarely closes and has fewer delays than other airports during the winter. Syracuse Hancock has won the Balchen-Post Award for Excellence in the Performance of Snow and Ice Control seven times because of the exceptional performance of the airport staff and equipment during the winter months.

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