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As the most populous state in the union, California has had unmatched transportation demands throughout its history. As this trend is borne out in the bustling area encompassed by Orange County, an integral piece in the travel puzzle exists in the form of Santa Ana John Wayne Airport. Carrying over eight million passengers per year through the airways, John Wayne Airport's importance cannot be overstated in its area.

Despite its proximity to multiple other California cities, namely Irvine, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa, the official address of John Wayne Airport (abbreviated SNA) pins it in the city of Santa Ana. The airfield first came to fruition in 1923, and, like many others during the period, it was used as an auxiliary air base during World War II. Very little development of the airport came to be until the 1960s, when the Eddie Martin Terminal was opened and passenger volume sharply increased. Also of note is the original title of the airport, the Orange County Airport, which was renamed after the late actor John Wayne in 1979; Wayne was a former Newport Beach resident, and a statue of SNA's namesake was erected at the airport to greet its patrons. Later on, construction of a newer terminal led to the demolition of the Eddie Martin Terminal, and additional space and services were added in 2011. Currently, the airport sits on 500 acres, has three main terminals, and employs two runways, one of which is the shortest (5,701 feet) at any major airport in the United States of America.

With its prime location just 14 miles from the Disneyland Resort and 35 miles from Los Angeles, it's no surprise that SNA serves so many passengers each year; after these new arrivals step off of the plane into Orange County, though, their journey is just beginning. To accommodate the influx of travelers, car rentals, bus service, and the Irvine iShuttle serve the airport; for those looking to go directly to the famed Anaheim landmark, the Disneyland Resort Express regularly makes the trek to and from the airport. In addition, four parking garages, with valet service available, can be found at the airport, as well as off-site parking lots served by airport shuttles. Santa Ana John Wayne Airport certainly had humble beginnings, but as its region grew, it flourished; as time goes on, SNA continues to prove a worthy option for any airborne traveler.

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