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The Portland International Airport is a major American airport located in Portland, Oregon.  The airport, which is among the 50 busiest airports in the country, is well located just off of US Route 30 and Interstate 205.  The airport is also just south of the Willamette River, which separates the states of Oregon and Washington. 

The Portland International Airport is conveniently located for those travelers coming from the Portland central business district.  Drivers from downtown Portland could take Interstate 84 West to Interstate 205 North.  The total travel distance is only about 12 miles and most of the time the trip will take less than 20 minutes.  Those looking to take a cab to the airport could probably find one at any time in the city, but several taxi services provide flat rates to customers going to the airport from the CBD of Portland.

Due to its high traffic volume, the airport is not only the location of choice for travelers in the Portland city limits, but also for all those travelers coming from northwest Oregon or southwest Washington.  Every day, thousands of travelers cross the state border and come into the airport from Vancouver, WA and the surround areas.  Drivers from Vancouver can get to the airport in as little as 15 minutes by taking Interstate 5 south to US Route 30, which runs right by the airport. 

For those looking to take public transportation, the TriMet Max train line could be a good option.  The train line operates the red line, which takes travelers from downtown Portland to the Portland International Airport with several stop in between.  The total travel time from downtown to the airport is normally less than 30 minutes. 

For those travelers staying at hotels near the airport, there are a variety of shuttle buses, which could take travelers from the hotel to the terminal.  The airport also provides a variety private shuttles and executive car services which could take travelers from anywhere in the city or surrounding area to and from the airport.  For those with special needs, the airport also has a variety of disability assistance options, which could be used by a person to get through the airport without having to walk.

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