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Portland International Airport Information

The Portland International Airport is just a few miles away from downtown Portland, Oregon. It is located on the border between Oregon and Washington, with the Columbia River separating the two states. The airport was originally located on Swan Island, which is northwest of the city of Portland. It was fully opened in 1930. A few years later, it was discovered that the airport did not have enough room to grow. The city council of Portland purchased 700 acres of land to build a new airport. The new airport opened next to the Columbia River and was named the Portland-Columbia Airport. It is known today as the Portland International Airport. After it opened, the airport received a lot of air traffic and passengers. The additional business resulted in building a number of facilities. One of the facilities was a new terminal, which was built in 1959. It was renovated during the 1980s.

The main terminal in the international airport in Portland is shaped like an "H." There are five concourses in the terminal. They are Concourses A, B, C, D and E. Concourses A, B and C, which are on the south side of airport, received a remodel in 2001. Concourses D and E are on the north side of the terminal. Concourse D opened in 1994. Concourse E received a renovation in 1992.

There are three runways at the Portland International Airport. The south runway has been lengthened a couple of times and now measures to 11,000 feet and is made out of concrete. The shortest runway is 6,000 feet. The last runway is 9,825 feet and is made out of asphalt, as is the shortest runway.

The Portland airport has a lot of parking options. People can park in Short-Term Parking, which has over 3,300 parking spaces available. For travelers who are looking for a convenient place to park and protects their vehicles from the elements, the place to park is Long-Term Parking. This parking area has over 3,000 spaces from which to choose. People have the option of using Economy Parking. There are two parking lots in Economy Parking and they are Economy Red Lot and Economy Blue Lot. Complimentary shuttles bring people to and from the terminal. A free Cell Phone Waiting Area is just a few minutes away from the terminal. There is free parking available for bicyclists and motorcyclists.

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