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Airlines Serving Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport or PDX in Oregon hosts airlines for everyday flights to global destinations. Counting its cargo and military operations, this facility handles over 200,000 annual flights. Alaska Airlines is the airport's largest carrier. PDX is a hub for Alaska Airlines as well as for Horizon Air and SeaPort Airlines.

Now, the Portland International Airlines has five different terminals. Concourse A and B are strictly for Alaska Airlines. Concourse C is for Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and Frontier as well as JetBlue, Southwest and US Airways. Concourse D handles Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Spirit Airlines, and Virgin America. Then, Air Canada and SeaPort Airlines as well as United use Concourse E.

Air Canada provides non-stop flights to the Canadian of Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver. Alaska Airlines has flights leaving Portland, Oregon for destinations all over the western United States like Boise, Idaho and Phoenix, Arizona. The airline also sends flights to a few major eastern cities as well as to Hawaii. Then with only one non-stop destination, American Airlines provides two non-stop flights daily to and from Dallas/Fort Worth in Texas. However, one of these flights to Dallas/Fort Worth carries on from Dallas to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; and the other goes on to St. Louis, Missouri.

Next from Portland, Delta offers non-stop flights to five domestic destinations like Atlanta and New York City. The airline also has flights to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and Tokyo, Japan. Now providing trips to Colorado, Frontier has flights to Denver and Colorado Springs. For island trips from Portland to Honolulu, Hawaiian Airlines has flights leaving twice daily for a morning and an overnight trip.

Offering three destinations, JetBlue Airways has non-stop flights to Boston, Massachusetts; Long Beach, California and New York City. In the Northwest, SeaPort Airlines has three flight destinations including Coos Bay and Pendleton in Oregon and Yakima in Washington State. Serving flights all over the lower 48 states, Southwest has more flights for destinations in the west like Austin, Texas; Reno, Nevada and Spokane, Washington.

Spirit Airlines goes from Portland to San Diego, California; Dallas, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada. From this airport, United Airlines has non-stop flights to cities all over the lower 48 states and Anchorage in Alaska.

Offering three destinations, US Airways provides trips to Charlotte, North Carolina; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Phoenix, Arizona. Then, Virgin America offers flights to both Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.

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