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Phoenix International Airport Information

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is located just a few minutes from downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, the airport was owned by Scenic Airways, which opened the airport in 1928. After the airport exchanged hands, it was purchased by the city of Phoenix in 1935. After it opened, the airport began to grow as new terminals and runways were built to match the air traffic and passengers.

There are three terminals at Phoenix Sky Arbor International Airport. The names are Terminals 2, 3 and 4. Terminal 2 originally opened in 1962 and has nine gates. It received two major renovations in 1988 and 2007. Terminal 3 was built in 1979. It has 17 gates and 2 concourses. The south concourse has 7 gates while the north concourse has 11 gates. In 1997, it was renovated. The last terminal is Terminal 4. Some people know it as the Barry M. Goldwater Terminal, for it was named after former United States Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. This terminal has seven concourses, which are divided into northern, northeastern, and southern concourses.

Three runways serve the international airport in Phoenix. The longest one is almost 11,500 feet. The shortest one is 7,800 feet while the last one is 10,300 feet. All of the runways are made out of concrete.

For families who are flying or transferring in the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, there are three play areas for kids to enjoy. There is one play area in each terminal. There are fun activities and puzzles from which to play.

The Phoenix international airport has a lot of parking options. The Terminal Garages are conveniently close to the main terminal. It is an excellent spot for folks who are dropping off or picking family members and friends. For travelers, it is a great place to park since it is not far from the terminal. For travelers and visitors who prefer a more economically priced parking, there are three parking options. The first option is Terminal 2 Garage Economy Parking Section. This parking is covered and protected from the sun. The second option is East Economy Garages A & B. The third parking option is West & East Economy Parking. This parking area is uncovered, but it is less inexpensive compared to other parking options. The airport has provided two complimentary Cell Phone Waiting Lots for people who are waiting to pick up travelers.

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