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We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in booking your hotel stay at Osaka Kansai International Airport. Our Osaka Airport Hotels offer complete services for the leisure and business traveler. All hotels are rated by AAA and Mobil Travel Guide. All Osaka Airport Hotels have been inspected by our staff for quality and comfort.

Many of our Osaka Airport Hotels offer free airport shuttle as well as special parking packages with up to 14 days parking. Whether you're travelling on business or leisure you'll be sure to find a hotel that suits your budget and needs at Airport Hotel Service. We buy in bulk from hotels, which means you get big discounts off the official hotel 'rack rate' - that's what most people pay when they just turn up at the hotel without a prepaid booking.

Featured Airport Hotels

Crowne Plaza Hotel Kobe

19.2 mi / 30.8 km to Osaka Airport
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This Crowne Plaza hotel is a beauty to behold with luxurious rooms and modern decor. The restaurant and other amenities of the hotel are top notch.

Chisun Hotel Kobe

Chisun Hotel Kobe
5.4 mi / 8.7 km to Osaka Airport
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Stay in one of Japan's finest hotel that offers great views and comfortable rooms. The restaurant serves a fancy and tantalizing cuisine.

About Osaka Kansai International Airport

Osaka Kansai International AirportOsaka Kansai International Airport (KIX) is located on a man-made island in the Southern Osaka Bay, offshore of the cities of Sennan and Osaka. The airport was originally proposed in the 1960's. Osaka was rapidly losing trade to Tokyo, and the present airport, Osaka International, located within the congested city, could not be expanded. Several locations were proposed - other nearby cities and nearby rural locations - but fierce protest from the locals met each proposal. Finally, an offshore island was conceptualized. This location would allow the airport to operate 24 hours a day, without noise or pollution complaints from its neighbors.

Construction began at last in 1987, and after twenty years of planning, three years of building, and billions of dollars invested, KIX became the most expensive civil works project of its kind. A three-kilometer bridge connects the 98-foot deep island to the mainland. Since its opening in 1994, the airport has stood the test of both earthquake and typhoon, and come through unscathed. It has received several awards for engineering and design, all well deserved.

The incredible investment in KIX has proved well worth it. The airport is the major hub for foreign travel to the region, as Osaka International is now exclusively domestic. KIX has been operating at capacity, and expansions are in the works. Several other offshore airports have been planned for Japan, owing to the lessons learned during construction and eventual great success of KIX.

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