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The Orlando International Airport is located just south of downtown Orlando, Florida. The international airport was originally a United States Air Force base. The base was named after Colonel Michael McCoy who died in an airplane crash. In 1962, the decision was made between the Air Force and the city of Orlando to share the airport. The airport was named the Orlando Jetport at McCoy. After a few years, the airport began to grow as national flights came to the airport. After the Vietnam War concluded, the decision was made to close the McCoy Air Force Base. However, the military still maintains control over a part of the facility. In 1976, the Orlando airport began to receive international flights. As time continued, the airport received more passengers and flights.

There are two terminals in the Orlando International Airport. The two terminals are Terminal A and Terminal B. Terminal A has two airsides. Airside 1 opened in 1981 and has 27 gates. In addition to this, it handles some international arrivals. In 2000, Airside 2 was built. It has 29 gates. Terminal B, like Terminal A, has two airsides. Airside 3 was built in 1981 and has 27 gates. Airside 4 was built in 1990. It has 39 gates and receives the majority of international arrivals.

There are four runways at the international airport in Orlando. The shortest one is 9,000 feet and was built in 2003. The longest one is 12,005 feet and is made out of a combination of asphalt and concrete. The remaining three runways are made out of concrete.

People who park at Orlando International Airport have a number or parking options. There are two Economy Parking Lots for folks who would like to park their vehicle at an affordable location. Economy Parking Blue is on the north while Economy Parking Red is on the south side. A complimentary shuttle service is provided and goes to the terminal and back every 10 minutes. It runs 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For people who prefer to have covered parking, the place to go is the Terminal Garage Parking. This parking area provides quick access to the main terminal and the Orlando Police Department patrols the area. Express Pick-Up/Drop-Off parking is a great way for people who are picking up or dropping off passengers. Additional parking options include Terminal Top Parking and Valet Parking.

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