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New Orleans International Airport Information

The Louis Armstrong International Airport is located in Kenner, Louisiana. It is less than 10 miles away from New Orleans. Originally, the airport was located near Lake Pontchartrain. As time went on, the airport was not big enough to meet the current needs that it had. A location was found for a new airport, but World War II had begun and the location was used as an airbase. After the war ended, the city of New Orleans received the land back from the government with the addition of 295 acres. The airport was named Moisant Field after John Moisant, who died in an airplane crash in 1910. The airport grew and a new terminal and concourses were added. Later on, the name of the airport changed to New Orleans International Airport. In 1974, the airport built two additional concourses to supply the current growth is was receiving. In 2001, the airport was renamed the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport in honor of native son and famous musician, Louis Armstrong.

There are three runways at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. The longest runway is over 10,100 feet and is made out of asphalt and concrete. The runway made out of concrete is just over 7,000 feet. The shortest runway is over 3,500 feet and is made out of asphalt.

The Louis Armstrong airport has two terminals and four concourses. The terminals are named East and West and are connected to each other. From the air, it looks like they are one terminal. Concourse A is not open to receiving flights. Concourse B has 13 gates. Concourse C handles most of the international flights and was remodeled in 2007. There are 12 gates at Concourse D and it opened in 1997.

There are great parking options at the airport. For folks who are looking for a place to park their vehicle for a brief amount of time, the Short-Term Parking Garage is an excellent idea. Travelers who are looking for a place to park their vehicle for an extended stay can park at the Long-Term Parking Garage. The parking rates at this garage are economical and people can easily commute from the garage to the terminals. The Cell Phone Lot at the airport allows folks to park their vehicles for a certain amount of time while they wait to pick up their loved ones or friends.

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