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Puritans founded Newwark, New Jersey in the 17th Century led by John Gregory and Robert Treat. The Puritan founders were from New Haven, Connecticut, and came to the region in New Jersey to set up a new colony that was away from oppression and that gave them freedom to live how they wanted to live. The Hackensack Native Americans sold their land to the Puritans and a new town was founded. Though people called the town "Milford", they eventually decided upon the name of Newark.

The Puritans were very strict in terms of worship and government. People who lived in the town were under the control of the Puritan establishment. In 1733, Josiah Ogden, a Colonel, harvested wheat on a Sunday after a rainfall because if he did not it would spoil. The consequences of Ogden's actions resulted in him receiving punishment. In response to his punishment, he invited Episcopal missionaries to come and start a congregation in Newark. The result of his actions divided the community and caused great hurt and pain among many people. However, the Puritan establishment was broken up and eventual peace between the Puritans and Episcopals came after the Revolutionary War.

In the 19th Century, Newark grew as jobs and people came into the city. One of those people was Seth Boyden. This man was an inventor and came up with many inventions including a way to manufacture leather. The result of this invention was that Newark took a large share in manufacturing leather in the United States. Other inventors who came to Newark include Edward Weston and Thomas Edison.

Early in the 20th Century, the city had over 300,000 people living in it. Manufacturing was high and people flooded the city looking for work. An underground subway system was built, as were skyscrapers and housing complexes.

After World War II, Newark began to regress. Housing projects that were built were not very good. Highways were built through neighborhoods and hurt the city of Newark while benefiting the surrounding suburbs. The city became more diverse with European Americans moving to the suburbs and African Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and others moving into Newark. Over time, there were a number of riots that erupted in the city as crime soared and employment decreased. Over time, Newark began to heal. It began to grow as housing options improved and as businesses began adding more jobs.

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