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To get to Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport, it is easiest to start from a central location such as the main train station in Munich (Munich Hauptbahnhof). There are two public transportation options to get to the airport from the train station; the S-bahn trains, or a bus.

To go by S-Bahn, you have two options to take, S-1 or S-8. You can find the S-Bahn by following the signs the signs downstairs into the subway system. For both S-bahn trains the direction will be to "Flughafen München" though they will face opposite directions. If you decide to take S-1, you will need to take a car in the back marked "Flughafen" as the train splits and the front cars do not head to the airport. S-8 does not split. Beyond the splitting cars, S-8 and S-1 both take about the same amount of time. The only difference between the two trains is the splitting and they both go in a separate direction in the loop. The airport stop will be the final stop on the route the stop in German will be called Flughafen München.

There is also a bus that goes directly from the main train station to the airport. This bus is a Lufthansa bus and it runs every twenty minutes. However, the bus is considerably more expensive than taking the S-bahn. The bus is located outside of the train station on Arnulfstrasse (Arnulf street). This bus will take you directly to the airport lobby in roughly forty minutes time.

Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport is a rather small airport with only two terminals. Once in the airport it is very easy to navigate between the two terminals. The S-Bahn will bring you to a floor below the lobby of the airport. Simply climbing the stairs or using the elevator will bring you to the lobby. In the lobby you will find a board with flight information indicating the terminal where you will want to go. No matter what terminal you need to go to, you will require no additional transportation once you are in the lobby.

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