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Milan Malpensa Airport Ground Transportation

Milan Malpensa Airport, located in Milan, Italy, is the largest of three airports located in Milan’s main metropolitan area. Due to its urban location, the Milan Malpensa Airport connects multiple forms of transportation within the city as well as around the airport. Whether it is public transportation such as subway, railways, shuttles and buses or private transportation including taxis or automobiles, this airport is fully stocked with multiple means of transportation inside and out.

Public transportation around Milan Malpensa airport is easily accessible and connects directly to the airport itself. The Suburban Line S10 runs to Malpensa with several intermediate stops including to the Green (M2), Yellow (M3), and Red (M1) lines. The Malpensa Express takes passengers between Milan Malpensa Airport and Milan Cadoma Station. As an Italian railway service, the Malpensa Express begins at Terminal 1 of the airport (with options of taking a bus from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1) and makes multiple intermediate stops before arriving at the subway station. Another express service is available to Milan Central Station and Milano Bovisa Station as well as Saronno Centrale during rush hour. Aside from express services, Alta Velocità links the Malpensa’s railway station to Florence and Naples, with several intermediate stops on the way.

Aside from railways and subways connected to Milan Malpensa Airport, buses, shuttles and private transportation are all available for incoming and outgoing visitors. Like the Malpensa Express, the Malpensa Bus Express and the Malpensa Shuttle connect the airport to Milan Central Station as well as the local metro. Another bus service, the Lufthansa Airport Bus, connects Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the airport with the Milan Central Station. This is a terrific option as it also makes several intermediate stops and links the airport with multiple provinces in Italy and Switzerland. The shuttle also connects the airport’s railway station with two other railway stations, Milano Centrale and Milano Porta Garibaldi. Private transportation includes limousine and minibus services through the same company in partnership with Lufthansa Airport Bus (Autostrade SpA), local taxis through Terminal 1 and 2, and, of course, transportation via automobile.

While there is a substantial amount of transportation available beyond the airport, free transportation is available between terminals in the airport. A free shuttle bus available 24 hours per day links Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of the Milan Malpensa Airport. This is perfect for those wishing to take the Malpensa Express, as well as transportation, only available in one terminal or the other.

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