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The Miami International Airport is a large airport, and it is considered the largest gateway for all of the Caribbean and Latin America. The airport sits on more than 3,200 acres of land and has millions of square feet of indoor space for passengers traveling into and out of the airport. There are four runways at the Miami International Airport. The smallest of the four runways is approximately 8,600 feet long and the longest is 13,000 feet long.

The Miami International Airport caters to millions of passengers each year. More than 19.9 million domestic passengers take off or land at the Miami International Airport each year. There are more than 18.4 international passengers coming and going, and an average of just more than 102,000 passengers take off or land at this airport on a daily basis. There are 45 nonstop domestic destinations for passengers to choose from. The Miami International Airport services 10 one-stop domestic destinations, 83 nonstop international destinations, and three international one-stop destinations.

Passengers departing from the Miami International Airport can choose from one of 8,867 parking spaces to leave their car until they return from their trip. This includes the economy parking garages and the park and ride lots surrounding the airport. There is a 24-hour valet parking service as well. There are three terminals with more than 100 gates between them: The north terminal, south terminal, and the central terminal. The Miami Mover is a tram that takes passengers between terminals in the quickest fashion to prevent missed flights and connections.

The Miami International Airport also has a few fun facts that many passengers are unaware of as they pass through the terminals and gates during their travels. For example, one fun fact about the Miami International Airport is the burrowing owls have made themselves at home on the airport airfield. They do not interrupt flights, but they do live there. The airport is also a large contributor of jobs in the Miami area, providing local residents with approximately one out of every four available jobs in Miami. There are approximately 282,000 employees at this airport. This might explain why the airport goes through approximately 672,640 rolls of toilet paper every year. Furthermore, the Miami International Airport is the home to the most flights to and from Cuba in the entire world. Seeing as how Cuba is only 90 miles from Florida, this shouldn't come as a surprise to many.

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