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Los Angeles is the biggest city in the United States besides New York. With a sprawling perimeter and rich history, it is no wonder that it is the most popular place to live on the west coast. Interestingly enough, Los Angeles was once little more than a rural village in the middle of the foothills. Prior to that, Indians had settled the region. It was Juan Cabrillo who first discovered the area for the Spanish empire. It was not until a Catholic priest and missionary, Juan Crespi, came into the region that a European settlement came about.

About forty settlers entered the area and named the region "La Reyna de Los Angeles," after a river of a similar name in Spain. The mission that was built in Los Angeles was built for the Indians, but the settlement itself did not expand until the 17th century, when the population crossed the threshold of 600 residents. However, in 1821, the city obtained independence from Spain and became the territory of Mexico. It was not long after this point that the Mexican-American War began and subsequently ended with American seizing control of the Spanish Pueblo and resettling the land of the "Californios." Los Angeles then became a prime destination out west due to the arrival and completion of the Southern Pacific Railroad.

When the 20th century arrived, the city was growing at a rapid pace and it became obvious that Los Angele's water supply was not sufficient for the population. William Mulholland supervised the construction of the now famous Los Angeles Aqueduct, and since then the city has continually grown. During the 1930s, the city hosted the Summer Olympics, an honor it once again took on in 1984.

Los Angeles is also known for its film industry. In Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Westwood, there are movie studios and celebrity homes seemingly around every corner. The film industry was cemented during the mid-20th century, after films acquired sound, trumping the draw of live stage plays.

Los Angeles enjoys a fairly moderate climate throughout the year. It is not far from the ocean, so the city rarely gets too hot. During the fall and winter months, it can be almost sub-tropical weather with cool breezes and warm climates. Los Angeles is definitely one of the most culturally diverse and historically rich cities in the United States.

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