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London Gatwick Airport Ground Transportation

Landing in London Gatwick Airport can be chaotic; this airport is one of the largest and busiest to be found in the UK. You will want to do everything that you can to make it so that your time there is not frustrating, that it is not a hassle, and you can start by knowing your transportation options before you arrive. This will ensure that you will be able to get from the plane to the baggage area and away from airport as quickly as you would like. You will be able to find the style of transportation that you enjoy that most, that best fits your needs.

One option is just to hail a taxi. This is better than bus transportation because the taxi will be able to drop you off right at your door. You will not have to go to some nearby stop and then walk with all of your luggage. This will cost more than riding a bus, but the convenience will be worth it for the frequent traveler. Many taxis can be hailed right outside of the main terminals, though you could also call ahead and make sure that a car is waiting just for you.

Another option is to travel by coach. You can find the coach headquarters in both the North and South terminal, in the upper and lower forecourts, respectively. These buses are operated by National Express, one of the biggest companies in the business -- they also offer an option where you can be taken directly to Heathrow. Furthermore, there is a transport between the North and South terminals that you can take for free to make sure that you reach the coach that you need to continue on your trip.

Finally, you could travel by rail. This is a good option when landing in London since the rail system connects so much of the country; you can get to almost anywhere that you need to go once you are in the rail system; you may have to make a number of transfers, but you can use the extensive system for all that it is worth. The rail system is connected to the South terminal, where you can board directly. There is a small transit train that can take you from the North to the South terminal for free, allowing you to get to the rail system no matter where you start.

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