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The ancient Romans founded London over a millennia ago as a strategic outpost within its province of Brittania. Modern London serves as Great Britain's capital city. Some of Brittania's natural resources mined by the Romans during their occupation included iron ore, tin, and lead. Its original name given by the Romans was Londinium, and the city and its surrounding suburbs still show signs of the Roman occupation. Particularly the suburb of Bath, which is fed by natural thermal springs, reflects Roman culture and architecture.

Multicultural London
Over eight million people now inhabit this large international metropolis. It is known as a center for performing arts, healthcare, education, fashion, and tourism. London is also considered a leader in world financial services and is home to the famed London Stock Exchange. Attracted to the city by its cosmopolitan atmosphere, many people representing various cultures worldwide make London home.

London In History
London has survived many catastrophic events over the years including wars, fires, and epidemics. Several thousands of the city's residents died during the Great Plague of 1665, and the city further suffered during the Great Fire of London, which happened shortly after the plague. The city was rebuilt and saw relative peace until World War II. Several of the city's buildings still show the dark shadows produced by the German bombs dropped on the city.

London A Tourist Town
British tourism is a thriving industry and much of it revolves around visitors' fascination with British royalty. The palaces and homes of the British royal family are popularly toured by the public. Visitors are also attracted to London because it has been a backdrop for many classic literary works throughout history. From medieval historical works to Shakespeare's plays, London has inspired the works of many writers. Today, visitors to London may still visit the homes of authors like Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and even beloved fictional characters like Sherlock Holmes.

London Archaeology
London is the site for fascinating archaeological digs. The Romans established London's systems of roads and part of the ancient roadway may still be found underground. Archaeologists have found interesting artifacts that give clues of the life and culture of the people inhabiting Roman London. The most remarkable discovery was that of the Roman Amphitheatre near Guildhall where ancient drainage systems were found still intact.

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