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If you are traveling to Turkey through the Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, you will need some way to leave the airport once you have landed. It can be hard to figure this out once you are on the ground, not because the options themselves are hard to find but just because it is hard to be able to look at all of the options once you are in the airport or to research which one will be the best for you. The smartest choice is to look these things up beforehand and decide which one you will want to use. You can choose from shuttle buses, taxis, city buses, the metro, or private cars.

One great way to go is to combine the bus and the rail system. The metro train comes right to the terminal in the airport, and you can board it there with little hassle or distance to travel on foot. This is very convenient. Once you are on the train, you can either take it to the rest of the rail system or to the main bus station. Either way, you will be able to access the full grid of public transportation options with ease.

Another good option is just to board a city bus right outside of the airport. These are not as convenient as some of the other options, since they cannot take you directly to your door or promise you a lot of space for you luggage, but they are inexpensive and run on a very consistent schedule that is easy to understand and memorize. The bus can take you to many other places, including the main bus station -- if you need to transfer for a trip to a different location -- or to the Yenikapi ferry terminal.

Finally, there are both airport buses and city taxis located outside the main terminal. The taxis will be able to drop you off exactly where you want them to with no other stops; the airport shuttle buses will also be able to drop you off at any location, though you may have to wait if there are other people on the bus. The taxis are more expensive for their convenience, while the airport shuttle buses are a bit cheaper since you will be sharing them. Either one can save you from having to walk at all, and the drivers are helpful and will assist you with your bags.

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