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Airlines Serving Houston Hobby International Airport

William P Hobby Airport-Houston or HOU is a busy secondary airport in Houston, Texas, of the United States. The airport performs nearly 200,000 operations per year. Southwest is the carrier with the most flights to and from HOU, but the airport normally has more than ten airlines offering flights every day.

The William P Hobby Airport-Houston has only one central terminal in which passengers catch their airline flights. Of course, the ten or more different carriers known to provide flights at this facility can change those flights when they find it necessary. Travelers should check with their airlines prior to leaving for the airport.

Here at HOU, AirTran Airways is under Southwest Airlines. This carrier provides flights to Atlanta, Georgia several times a day as well as one departure to Austin, Texas.

For Italian air services, Alitalia offers two departures. The destination of both flights is the international airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

Convenient in-state trips are made possible by American Eagle, a regional carrier under American Airlines. This carrier offers several time options for trips to Dallas/Fort Worth.

British Airways provides a number of different departures. These flights are for the international airport in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Cathay Pacific Airways provides a flight. This carrier's flight is also to Dallas.

Delta Airlines takes passengers at several different times a day to its main hub. This airport hub is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Japan Airlines offers an in-state destination. The flight takes passengers to the international airport in Dallas.

For trips to New York City, JetBlue offers a couple flights per day. New York City is the hub for JetBlue.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has two flights daily. These trips go to Atlanta, Georgia's international airport.

Qantas Airways has one flight out of HOU. The destination is Dallas, Texas.

Now, Southwest Airlines offers the most flights to the most destinations from William P Hobby Airport. The carrier offers in-state destinations like Harlington and Corpus Christi, Texas. Southwest also has numerous flights around the United States. Birmingham, Alabama; Los Angeles, California; and Tampa, Florida are a few examples of the destinations offered by this airline from Houston William P. Hobby Airport.

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