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The Honolulu International Airport (HNL) serves as the major gateway into some of the world's most popular resort destinations on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, particularly in Honolulu districts such as Wakiki. Handling more than 21 million passengers each year, the Honolulu International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States and certainly one of the busiest in the world. To accommodate the sheer volume of excited tourists, Hawaii's premier airport truly offers some of the most impressive facilities and grounds.

First of all, the waterfront location along the Pacific Ocean puts Honolulu International Airport into one of the most scenic airplane landing spots on the globe. One of the fascinating highlights of HNL Airport is the 12,000 foot long Reef Runway, which is an engineering and natural wonder in its own right. Built in the late 1970's for a total cost of over 80 million dollars, this structure was the world's first ever runway to be built entirely offshore.

The Reef Runway was built above an underwater coral reef with a tremendous volume of stone and concrete that was carefully installed atop the fragile reef. When passengers land at the Reef Runway, they can enjoy some of the best uninterrupted views of Honolulu. In addition to the Reef Runway, Honolulu International Airport has five more runways, including two sealanes that are less than 5,000 feet in length. The remaining runways are all made from asphalt and the longest one measures 12,300 feet in length.

With more than 3.75 million square feet of terminal space, Honolulu International Airport has plenty of room to accommodate its massive amount of visitors. The massive two level complex is divided into three major areas known as the Overseas, Interisland, and Commuter terminals. The terminal complex has more than 50 total gates to accommodate several hundreds daily flights. Navigating the huge facility can be overwhelming, and fortunately, there are multiple information desks located in each of the terminal sections. The Honolulu International Airport is also home to eight federal agencies such as the U.S. Customs and Border protection.

Passengers using Honolulu International Airport may be thrilled to find out that the historic Pearl Harbor site is located right nearby. Many visitors explore the former U.S. navy base that sparked the Pacific campaign during World War II. Today, Honolulu International Airport still shares ground with the Hickam Air Force Base, which has acquired the former Pearl Harbor base.

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