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Airlines Serving Honolulu International Airport

Honolulu International Airport (HNL) is located approximately three miles northwest of the main business section of Oahu, the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. The airport handles over 17 million passengers each year.

Currently 18 airlines operate out of HNL, including but not limited to: Qantas Airways, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, China Airlines, Air Pacific Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, All Nippon Airways, Philippine Airlines, American Airlines, Northwest Airlines, WestJet, Continental Airlines and United Airlines.

By far the largest airline at HNL is Hawaiian Airlines, which manages close to half of the airport's business daily. HNL is the hub for Hawaiian Airlines, which offers flights to other Hawaiian islands, to the mainline U.S. (especially the West Coast) and to locations in Australia, Asia, and other parts of the Pacific. While Hawaiian Airlines currently maintains only a couple of routes to East Coast cities in the mainline U.S., it plans to continue adding such routes in the future.

Until recently, HNL was also the base airport for Aloha Airlines, but that airline no longer carries passengers and is now known as Aloha Air Cargo.

Next to Hawaiian airlines, the next busiest airlines serving HNL are United Airlines and Japan Airlines. United and Japan, along with a few other carriers, both transport passengers to the top destination for those traveling from HNL: Tokyo. Other major destinations for HNL passengers in 2010-2011 included Seoul, Taipei, Sydney, and Auckland.

Hawaiian, Delta, American, and United all offer regular flights to Los Angeles. Nearly a million passengers traveled the Honolulu-L.A. route in the past year, with another half million traveling the Honolulu-San Francisco route. Other popular destinations include locations on the other Hawaiian Islands. Mokulele Airlines handles much of the interisland air traffic, along with Hawaiian, and both of those airlines are located in HNL's Interisland terminal which handles both interisland and international flights. There is also a commuter terminal that handles only interisland flights.

The main terminal houses all the other airlines and is divided into Diamond Head, Central, and Ewa Concourses. The airlines share the boarding gates in the main terminal and use them as assigned daily, with no gates being permanently reserved for any specific airline.

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