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Hong Kong Airport Ground Transportation

The Hong Kong International Airport has many varied methods of transportation, suitable for all types of travelers.

To travel to the Hong Kong International Airport, the most comfortable and quick option of convenience is the Airport Express. The Airport Express is a shuttle train which leaves every 12 minutes, from 0550 to 0115 every day. It offers a free check in both the Kowloon and Hong Kong Stations. Passengers can reserve a spot up to 90 minutes before the scheduled train arrival. The Airport Express has many stops at some of the most visited tourist spots, including the Disneyland Resort and Sunny Bay Station. Passengers can transfer to shuttle buses for free access to major hotels, as the Airport Express offers a free porter service as well.

Hong Kong is also a well served public transportation city, with a busy bus schedule linking the city to and from the Hong Kong International Airport. There are 5 routes, each signified by a letter (A for Airbus, E for External Bus, N for Overnight Bus, S for Shuttle Bus to the Airport, and R). Passengers can also choose from a color coded taxi system for a possibly faster transport. Red taxis service all of Hong Kong, except for a few roads, blue taxis service Lantau and the Hong Kong International Airport, and green taxis service the New Territories specifically, with a few routes into Lantau.

Those passengers looking for a more luxurious service can partake of the limousine and hotel coach service available at the Airport. These services are located specifically inside the Coach Station of Terminal 2.

The Hong Kong International Airport also offers over 3,000 parking spaces for people who wish to drive themselves.

The Airport provides services for disabled passengers through the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. If a passenger finds the use of public transportation especially difficult, the Rehabus is the best option, offering a fleet of 100+ vehicles, each with up to 30 seats. The Rehabus is affixed with wheelchair accessible facilities, and the Rehabus can be advanced booked. The service runs from 0900 to 1700.

Discovery Bay and Park Island residents have a special shuttle available specifically for their use.

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