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"East Meets West" is definitely a true statement about Hong Kong. Although nearly 100% of the population is Chinese, the many years as a colony of the United Kingdom have greatly influenced the culture including architecture as well as the atmosphere of the city. Hong Kong is unique in that it is a part of China, but it enjoys much legal and governmental autonomy. Capitalistic free enterprise is much a part of the city. Hong Kong is an amazing city with contrasting features like high rises and rural islands with business and amusement and historic as well as modern sections.

Now, Hong Kong includes both the busy downtown area and the outlying rural islands. Situated on the southern coast of China with Macau less than 40 miles west across the Pearl River Delta, most of Hong Kong borders the South China Sea. The Tropic of Cancer is just above the city's geographical position on the globe, and Hong Kong's weather is subtropical with rain and thunderstorms common during the summer. The high temperatures during the summer average about 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter temperature lows do not usually dip much below 58 degrees.

Smog is significant within the city and compounded by its many skyscrapers, but more than 75% of the smog comes from other cities in the region. Hong Kong sets its green standards high and incorporates many of the latest methods of sustainable living. In fact, urban development of Victoria Harbour and the surrounding islands is slow and almost completely curtailed.

The story of human settlement on the hilly land where Hong Kong sits today goes back thousands of years. China's first emperor in the 3rd century BC was Qin Shi Huang, and he incorporated the land territory as a part of the Chinese government. As far as Europeans, Portuguese were the first to settle in the region. They established settlements for trade.

Then, the British colonized Hong Kong in the mid-1800s after the Opium War, and Britain secured a lease of the territory for 99 years starting in the late 1800s. World War II brought a pause in the arrangement when Japan occupied Hong Kong for four years. Then the British resumed their rule until the late 1990s when the current governmental and country status was instituted. In contemporary Hong Kong, the city is a world leader in finance, architecture, urban transportation, and Asian Tourism.

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