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Hong Kong International Airport Information

Hong Kong International Airport serves the former British Colony of Hong Kong and is a gateway to Mainland China as well.

Located on the artificial island of Chep Kok Lap, HKG, as it's known in airport code, opened in 1998, the year after Britain handed back rule of the colony to the People's Republic of China. Replacing Kai Tak, which was built in 1925, as the city's main airport, Hong Kong International quickly grew to become one of the world's busiest airports. It now handles almost 54 million passengers a year. The airport also is known as HKIA.

HKG has two terminals, 1 and 2, with Terminal 1 being the largest with the most facilities, including 50 restrooms, 321 check-in counters and 115 public elevators. Terminal 2 has only 56 check-in counters, 10 restrooms, and 32 elevators. Both terminals offer free Internet access for travelers who need to use their laptops.

More than 100 airlines use the airport, flying to 170 locations around the world, including to 49 destinations in China. During peak hours, 63 planes an hour land at and depart from the airport. The airport has two runways, each 12,467 feet or 3,800 meters long. That's more than two miles. Plans are on the drawing board to add a third runway so the airport can keep its status as one of the world's busiest airports.

Several airlines use the airport, which sits on 3,100 acres, as a stop-over on long-haul flights such as from London to Australia.

Hong Kong International rates highly with its users. For the last 10 years, it has been named the world's best airport by the Travel Trade Gazette (TTG), which based its awards on opinions from 60,000 of the publication's readers. The organization Frequent Business Traveler named it the best airport in the Asia-Pacific region in 2012.

The airport is operated by the Airport Authority Hong Kong, which is owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It took six years and $20 billion to build the airport, which employs more than 65,000 people to keep it running around the clock.

Hong Kong International also is one of the world's busier cargo airports, moving almost 4 million tons of freight in 2011.

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