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Serving the capital city of Pennsylvania, the Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) is one of the busiest airports in the state. MDT Airport is actually located in the small community of Lower Swatara Township, about 5 miles south of Downtown Harrisburg. Arriving passengers may appreciate Harrisburg International Airport's scenic location right along the east shore of the Susquehanna River.

The history of Harrisburg International Airport dates back to the late 19th century as the current grounds were home to the United States Signal Corps for several years. During World War I, the Olmsted Air Force Based opened at the grounds of what is now Harrisburg International Airport. In fact, the first airplanes landed at the base in 1918. Between World War I and 1969, the Olmsted Air Force base employed more than 11,000 people and was one of the largest employers in the state's capital city.

Today, the former grounds of the Olmsted Base are occupied by the Harrisburg Air National Guard Base. Surely, local residents and visiting passengers can appreciate the rich military history at the MDT Airport. In fact, many of the air force airplanes are clearly visible from the modern grounds of Harrisburg International Airport. The history of commercial service at MDT Airport dates back to the 1930. After multiple name changes and authority ownership, Harrisburg International Airport has expanded in size especially with the addition of a new terminal facility in 2004. The new state of the art facility has been much needed to accommodate the increasing passenger traffic incoming from all over the United States and other countries. A beautiful tiled mosaic floor with a star pattern greets visitors coming into the Harrisburg International Airport terminal.

Car parking at the Harrisburg International Airport is widely available and conveniently accessible to the large volume of incoming vehicles. There is a long term and economy lot for all short-term and long-term parking. There are free shuttle buses between the main terminal building and the economy/long term parking lot that's located about 1 mile away. The most convenient parking option at MDT Airport is the Airport Parking Garage, which has multiple levels that are completely covered overhead. Additionally, the parking garage is accessible directly from the terminal building via escalators and pedestrian bridges. A designated cell phone parking lot at Harrisburg International Airport is a free option for anyone waiting to pick up or drop off passengers.

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