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Airlines Serving Harrisburg International Airport

Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown, Pennsylvania is home to national, international, and regional air carriers. The medium-sized airport, which serves the state's capital city and surrounding area, handles approximately 175 commercial or general aviation flights each day, the third highest number behind Philadelphia International Airport and Pittsburgh International Airport.

Seven different major airline carriers or their regional representatives serve the flying public into and out of Harrisburg. American Eagle and United Airlines carry over 140,000 passengers from Harrisburg to Chicago each year, while another 121,000 travel to Charlotte on US Airways. Delta Airlines provides connections for approximately 85,000 passengers to its main hub in Atlanta. Many passengers make the short hop to Philadelphia by air, a trip that takes about 30 minutes compared to more than two hours by car.

Other airlines that operate out of Harrisburg International Airport include Continental Express and Frontier Airlines, which recently began offering non-stop flights to and from Orlando. Air Canada and Allegiant airlines round out the airlines that base flights from the airport.

The airport offers non-stop flights to several cities in the Northeast, the southern and western US. Chicago O'Hare, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Orlando are the top destination, with Detroit, Cincinnati, Orlando, Charlotte and Washington Dulles also represented. Airline passengers can even access Toronto via non-stop flights on Air Canada.

The Harrisburg International Airport has just one terminal with three separate concourses. Concourse A serves Air Canada, United Express and Delta and Delta Express flights. Frontier, United and additional United Express flights depart and arrive from Concourse B gates. Concourse C serves US Airways, US Airways Express and American Eagle flights. Frontier Airlines has not yet begun operating from a specific concourse.

As a medium-sized airport that provides flights to connecting points, Harrisburg International Airport allows travelers to easily reach almost every point on the globe. In addition to the airport's non-stop flights, daily flights take travelers to the west coast of the US where they can easily travel on to Asia. Many passengers connect with flights to London's Heathrow Airport and other European points by flying from Harrisburg to New York City's JFK. Flights to vacation spots in the Caribbean and Mexico are also popular international destinations.

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