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Hamilton International Airport Information

The John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is located in Hamilton, Ontario, which is in Canada. The airport first opened in 1940. During World War II, it served as a site for military training as the soldier prepared to go to war. After the war ended, the airport transitioned from a military to a commercial landing site. There was a push in the city of Hamilton to make the airport a more popular destination for air traffic. John C. Munro was one of those leaders who spearheaded this campaign. Money was secured from the government to update and expand the airport. It included a new runway and new parking facilities. In 1998, the airport was renamed the John C. Munro Hamilton International in honor of John C. Munro for all the working he had done in the airport, the city of Hamilton and for the nation.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum is located at the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. Aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia are from World War II to today. Aircraft at the museum include the Canadair CF-104 Starfight, the Westland Lysander III, the Supermarine Spitfire MK XVI, and the North American AA-64 Yale. Guided tours are available for travelers as they wait for their flights to arrive or while they are waiting to transfer flights.

Two runways serve the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport. One is just over 10,000 feet long and the other is a little over 6,000 feet. Both airports are made out of asphalt.

There are terrific parking options at the airport. In fact, two parking lots serve passengers and visitors. Short-Term Parking, which shares the same lot with Premium Parking, has easy access to the Terminal. In addition to this, the charges are affordable. Folks can stay for a brief amount of time and meet their family members or friends at the Terminal. Economy and Long-Term Parking share the same lots. These parking areas are conveniently located and are close to the Terminal. For people who are parking their vehicles at the airport for a longer period, costs are a bit lower at Long-Term Parking compared to Short-Term Parking. The airport has provided a number or baggage carts for travelers to use as they bring their luggage to the Terminal when they arrive and when the come back. Baggage carts are free and are found in specific areas in parking.

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