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Airlines Serving Hamilton International Airport

John C. Monroe Hamilton International Airport or YHM handles about 45,000 aircraft movements by its passenger and cargo aircraft. The airport is located in Hamilton of Ontario, Canada. For passengers, the airport currently has regular services from WestJet and Bearskin Airlines. Of the two, WestJet offers the most flight options.

The small airport has a simple check-in process and one passenger terminal area. No long waiting is necessary in this uncrowded facility. Still, an impressive 400,000 passengers pass through YHM every year. Of course, checking with the airlines before a flight is always a good plan since carriers can change their flight as needs arise.

Now, Bearskin Airlines has two departure flights per week from the Hamilton International Airport. These trips take passengers to Kapuskasing, a Bearskin Airlines hub. From Kapuskasing, passengers can fly to around 20 different destinations within Manitoba as well as Ontario including the Bearskin Hubs in the cities of Sioux Lookout and Thunder Bay. Bearskin jets have capacity seating for 19 people in two single-seat rows.

WestJet offers one daily destination all year, and some seasonally direct as well as many connecting destinations. Its destination location available regularly every day is Calgary, a hub for WestJet. From Calgary, passengers can catch flights to Vancouver and other western cities. The furthest away connecting flights are in places like Honolulu and Kona in Hawaii.

WestJet also provides seasonal non-stop flights from Hamilton International Airport to different cities. Cancun, Mexico as well as Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and Orlando in Florida of the United States is a getaway spot available for WestJet winter non-stop flights.

Then during the summertime, the airline offers one or more non-stop flights to several Canadian cities every day besides Calgary. Moncton in New Brunswick, Winnipeg in Manitoba and Halifax in Nova Scotia as well as Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta are the five cities available daily from YHM during the summer.

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