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Getting to Hamburg Airport from a central location such as the Hamburg main train station (Hamburg Hauptbahnoff) is fairly simple and direct. First, acquire a ticket from one of the machines for the subway for two zones which you can find at many places throughout the airport. You will then need to get to the S-bahn. There are signs for the S-Bahn trains which will have a green S symbol everywhere. You will want S-1 towards the airport which will be located on the far-side of the station. Once the train is located, it is very important to know to get into one of the first three cars. The train will split after the third car and the remaining portion of the train will be going towards Poppenb├╝ttel. There are warnings before the train splits, but to prevent any hassles with leaving and reentering the train, it is just easier to enter and remain in the first three cars. If somehow this mistake does happen, simply stay on the train and on the return trip get off at Ohlsdorf and wait for the next S-1 train heading to the airport and get back on. Otherwise, remain on the train in the first three cars until the final stop which will be Hamburg Airport (Hamburg Flughafen).

After arriving and leaving the train, there will be two options to get from the S-Bahn station into the airport itself, elevator and stairs. There are screens overhead with flight information which will provide you with the terminal of the flight which you are looking for with both arrivals and departures. Once the information is located, both the elevator and the stairs will take you to the main lobby of the airport. Arrivals is on floor zero while departures is on floor one. Terminal one, which is domestic and flights within the EU is to the right, and terminal two which is for the most part international flights with some domestic flights is to the left. The airport as a whole is very easy to navigate, there is no additional transportation necessary to get between terminals and there are signs in both English and German to get everybody where they need to go.

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