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Hamburg Airport, known by the airport code HAM, is sometimes locally known as Hamburg-Fulsbuttel Airport. This acknowledges the airport is located in the portion of the city known as Fuhlsbuttel and about 5 miles or 8 kilometers from the center of the Hamburg business district. The airport provides the principle international passenger service to Hamburg and surrounding area.

Germany travelers have a choice of 16 commercial airports for their travel plans. Hamburg Airport ranks fifth with nearly 14 million passengers boarding or departing each year on about 150,000 take offs or landings.

The airport has a long history predating World War I when it was used in air ship or zeppelin operations. In the immediate aftermath of World War II, Hamburg Airport saw extensive service during the Berlin Airlift. Later, as a commercial airport, Lufthansa used the airport as a hub until moving operations to Frankfort when jet aircraft became common.

Hamburg Airport features two runways. The longest is about 12,000 feet or 3,700 meters long while the second runway is 10,600 feet or 3,250 meters long. The runways are large enough to accommodate the large A380 manufactured by Airbus and is listed as a possible diversion airport for flights utilizing this equipment. While the Airbus manufacturing facility is located at Hamburg, it utilizes the Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport for operations.

The center of the Hamburg Airport passenger operations is known as the Airport Plaza. This building offers shopping, restaurants, and dining, as well as security and baggage services. The plaza also includes a pharmacy, Red Cross first aid station and a center offering Accupressure massage. From the Airport Plaza, passengers move to one of two terminals for boarding and arrival gates.

Ground transportation connections to Hamburg are available at the Airport Plaza. This includes rail, taxi, and shuttle services. The airport also offers special services for individuals with limited mobility including in airport transportation from the gates to the rail depot.

Hamburg Airport is also a busy commercial freight center. Facilities include refrigerated, freezer, and secured warehousing as well as more standard storage areas. Special services include a mortuary, livestock handling, and animal quarantine facilities along with bonded storage. The freight handling facilities of the Hamburg Airport handle as much as 100,000 tons of freight each year.

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