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Halifax is a modern port town filled with beautiful buildings, centuries of history, and warm, friendly residents. It's easy to get to by land, sea, or air, and offers almost every visitor plenty to entertain and delight. The best time to visit is between May and October, when the average temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees.

Historically, the city was originally home to the Mi'kmaq people. The first European colonists to arrive were the French, but it became an English settlement in 1749 when Edward Cornwallis established the city of Halifax. The name 'Halifax' comes from Cornwallis' benefactor and sponsor in England, Lord Halifax.

Halifax grew in spurts over the next several hundred years. Because of it's strategic location as a port town, it's growth came during the Seven Years' War, the Revolutionary War, and the two World Wars. The town suffered a tragic setback on December the 6th, 1917, when a collision in the harbor caused a munitions ship, the Mont Blanc, to explode. The tragedy claimed 1,900 lives and decimated the harbor. However, today the port has been brought wonderfully back to life.

History buffs will want to visit Citadel Hill, the site of historic Fort George. Even non-history buffs will appreciate the expansive views of the harbor from the hill. The fort has been restored to Victorian era times, with park employees recreating the daily lives of the soldiers that would have served in the fort.

For more peaceful entertainment, make a stop into the Halifax Public Gardens. Also Victorian-era, the garden has been in existence and open to the public since 1875. True to Victorian gardens, the gardens feature many Roman-inspired statues and fountains, a beautiful gazebo, and a memorial to the soldiers who fought in the Boer War.

For maritime history, plan to visit the H.M.C.S. Sackville. Considered instrumental in WWII, it is now open to the public for tours. For more information, don't forget to visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which covers WWII as well as earlier history. And for a different point of view on the historic importance of the port, visit Pier 21 and immerse yourself in this testament to diversity and the importance of immigration into Canada.

For hikers or outdoor enthusiasts, a top spot to visit is McNab's Island. Give yourself a whole day on the island, as it offers so much to see in the way of natural beauty as well as a lighthouse and another historic fort. Point Pleasant Park offers 186 acres of hiking with gorgeous ocean views on the mainland, and you don't have to leave the city itself to visit it.

As for nightlife, there is plenty to do as well. Check local listings for theater, and head over to Grafton Street and Spring Garden Road for the local bar scene. But whatever your pleasure, whether you are an early bird or a night owl, you will never get bored in the city of Halifax.

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