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Glasgow Airport Ground Transportation

Glasgow International Airport is one of the larger airports that sees a lot of passengers through day by day. Getting to and from the airport is a tidbit of information that you don’t want to go without, however, as you just can’t be late getting to a flight or to a meeting after a long flight. There are several different ways to get to the Glasgow International Airport, such as by coach or bus, train, taxi, or car. Taking the motorway is the most common method, in which you would take the M8 motorway to reach the airport which is located eight miles from the center of the area, with typically 20 minutes travel time to reach the airport.

Arriving at Glasgow International Airport
Once you arrive at the airport, there is a drop off zone that offers convenient unloading in an area designated for the most convenient traveling possible through the airport. The drop off zone is completely free to use and can be accessed by any vehicle dropping passengers off. The drop off zone is also accessible to those with special needs to ensure that everyone is able to take advantage of the same high quality accommodations.

Within the Airport
Once within the airport, you are going to have various options for services and accommodations from check-in to dining and lounging, all of which is located in different points of the airport. Entering the airport, you will enter check-in, with several shopping centers throughout the terminal to offer souvenir shopping and shopping for travel necessities. Food and drink is located on the opposite side of the airport, with a departure area also designated on the other side as well.

If you are arriving at the Geneva International Airport by flight, you can locate your baggage right outside of the departure piers located on the upper level of the airport. There are several different options within the airport for passengers to take advantage of, with top rated hotels located right within the viscinity to offer the quickest accommodations for travelers that are stretched for time and need to get where they are going quickly.

Leaving the airport can be done through the M8 motorway as well, with different choices for public transportation if you don’t have your vehicle. There are car parks located around the airport for those that are departing and wish to leave their vehicle in safe hands while they are away. These car parks can be accessed by passengers upon arrival, with easy access to the motorway for exiting the airport.

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