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Glasgow, United Kingdom, is the third most populous city in the UK and the largest city in Scotland. It began as a small settlement on the banks of the River Clyde and grew to be one of the largest seaports in Britain. The University of Glasgow began in the 15th century from a medieval bishopric of Glasgow. The economy boomed during the industrial revolution and Glasgow was the main trading port with the colonies in North America and the West Indies.

Glasgow was known as the Second City in the British Empire during the late 1800s because of its huge shipbuilding industry. Today, it is in the top-ten list of world financial centres.

Because it is the best fording spot on the River Clyde, there has been a settlement in the area since pre-historic times. In the ninth century, it joined with other small kingdoms to become the United Kingdom of Scotland.

The first bridge over the river appeared around 1285, and with the University of Glasgow in 1451 and the Archdiocese of Glasgow in 1492, it gained status as an important city. In the early 1700s, Daniel Defoe declared the city to be the cleanest, most beautiful and best built city in Britain, with the exception of London.

Merchant City is an old section of Glasgow and considered the cultural heart of the city. Many of the buildings date back to medieval times, and there are luxury townhouses built for the tobacco and shipping merchants of the 19th century.

Glasgow has mild weather for Scotland, because it is situated on the Atlantic coast. The warming influence of the Gulf Stream gives the city warmer temperatures than other cities on the same latitude such as Copenhagen and Moscow. The weather during the summer months can vary a lot from warm, sunny days to cold and rainy.

In 1999, Glasgow was designated UK City of Architecture and Design. This was because of the heritage of great Victorian architecture as well as buildings designed by the Glasgow School, which include structures designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. A leading advocate of Art Nouveau throughout the UK, he designed several noted buildings in Glasgow. The Scotland Street School Museum, Glasgow School of Art, the Willow Tearooms, as well as Queen's Cross Church are all designed by Mackintosh. Some famous modern buildings are the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Riverside Museum and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

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