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Geneva is a beloved city in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva. The modern urban center has been prominent in recent and medieval European and global history. The city was a center for the Reformation movement, the headquarters for Protestants, and their leaders. Today, organizations like the Red Cross and the United Nations are based in this city. French is the official language spoken in Geneva, but most people know at least some English as well as German and two or three other languages. A financial and diplomatic hub, Geneva is called the "Peace Capital."

The metropolis is in a scenic setting where the Rhone River empties into Lake Geneva and mountains from the Jura range and the Alps are conspicuous on the surrounding landscape. From the city, everyone can see the famous Mont Blanc. Then, the Arve River that connects with the Rhone is also a part of the cityscape.

Although located so near the mountains, the weather is mild. The average lows in winter stay above 28 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers are warm and temperature highs stay lower than 78 degrees.

Now, the beautiful location of Geneva was originally settled by the Helvetti Celtic people. In fact, the name Geneva is most likely derived from what the Helvetti people gave the town. Eventually in the 100s AD, the Romans took the urban center. Over the next 200 years, Geneva became predominantly Christian. When the Roman government folded, the Roman Catholics controlled the city until the 1300s when the city gained its independent rule.

Geneva became a refuge for Protestant Christians during the 1500s. John Calvin who began the Calvinist movement was the main leader of Protestants in the city. Soon, the Catholic government felt it necessary to take over Geneva until the revolution in the late 1700s. Finally, after Napoleon's wars, the city became a part of the Swiss government where it has flourished to become the headquarters of powerful organizations that are influential worldwide.

Modern Geneva has much to offer from its private banking to its automobile shows that feature international cars. An expensive city in which to live, the metropolis still has enriching and diverse cultural influences. Additionally because of its long history, the plentiful historic buildings and World Heritage sites are amazing like the College Calvin and the Temple Saint-Gervais. Geneva also has numerous public parks.

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