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Fankfurt Airport Ground Transportation

The Frankfurt Airport is located about 15 miles southwest of downtown Frankfurt and around the same distance northeast of Mainz. There are several means of transportation to and from the airport. When arriving by car, the A5, A3 or A67 motorways lead directly to the airport. Parking is divided into three categories, Terminal Parking, Holiday Parking, and Corporate Parking. Terminal Parking is fast and convenient, but more expensive than Holiday Parking, which is further from the terminals. Corporate Parking is a permanently rented spot for frequent users. Frankfurt airport has earned a reputation as one of the best-organized airports in the world. The parking lots even include green lights to guide a visitor to empty parking spots! For those who prefer to rent a car, there are several car rental agencies available in both terminals.

Trains from German Rail, also known as Deutsche Bahn, arrive directly to terminal 1 of Frankfurt Airport. It is possible to travel by train to the airport from anywhere in Europe. There are also local trains that arrive to the regional station in terminal 1. Buses stop at the airport in both terminals on level 2. The bus system in Frankfurt is very well developed, and buses may be used to quickly travel to all parts of the city. There are also shuttle buses for many hotels, and a bus service offered by Lufthansa (German Airways) to three other cities. (Mannheim, Strasbourg, and Heidelberg)

Moving between the two terminals of the airport can be done easily by using the free shuttle train or buses. The train stops at terminal 1 in concourse B, and in terminal 2 between concourses D and E. The shuttle train comes every three to five minutes. The shuttle buses stop in front of the terminals. They come by slightly less often than the trains, (around once every ten minutes) and may move more slowly due to traffic. The terminals are also connected by walkways on levels two and three.

For those who prefer to be near the airport the night before their flight, there are four hotels conveniently located right in the airport. These are the Sheraton Frankfurt Hotel and Towers, the Park Inn, the InterCity Hotel, and the Steigenberger Airport Hotel. There are also several more hotels nearby with shuttle service to the airport.

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