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Frankfurt Airport, known by the airport code FRA, provides international air service to the Frankfurt area. It is the busiest airport in Germany in several categories and among the busiest in Europe and the world. The airport serves as the principle hub for Lufthansa, the German national airline, and also provides space for administrative and maintenance functions.

Frankfurt was home to the first commercial airline back in 1909. This airline built the first airport in Frankfurt. Although the historic airline doesn't remain, the airport does. The facility has expanded over more than a century of existence. It was also used by the military during both World Wars. One of the most recent expansions of Frankfurt Airport occurred in 2005 when the United States ceased operations at Rhein-Main Air Base, which was absorbed by the airport.

Nearly 60 million passengers utilize Frankfurt Airport each year making it the busiest in Germany and third busiest in Europe. Two general passenger terminals handle the bulk of the people moving through the airport. Each has multiple concourses. Terminal 1 has a stated capacity of 50 million passengers per year and caters exclusively to Lufthansa flights and the flights of the airlines business partners. Terminal 2 has a stated capacity of about 15 million and is dedicated to all the other commercial passenger airlines. In addition, Lufthansa maintains a separate terminal limited to its first class passengers offering specialized services as valet parking and fine dining restaurants along with indulgences such as bubble baths and a special cigar smoking lounge.

Frankfurt Airport is also the busiest airfreight handling facility in Germany. The facility handles about 2.3 million tons of freight each year and includes specialized facilities such as animal health inspections, hazardous material handling, fumigation, animal quarantines, and mortuary services.

The airport utilizes two parallel and one crosswind runway. All three runways are 13,000 feet or 4,000 meters long and capable of handling a Boeing 747. As part of a noise reduction effort the types of aircraft that can land or takeoff at Frankfurt Airport is limited from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. local time each day. Even with those restrictions, the airport commonly handles about 400,000 takeoffs or landings each year.

With its current traffic of about 60 million passengers, Frankfurt Airport is nearly at capacity. New runways and terminal space is planned in a phased expansion over several years.

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