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The city of Fort Myers is located in the southwestern section of Florida's Gulf coast. It is located in Lee County and is the county seat of government. The city lies about 12 miles upriver on the Caloosahatchee River whose mouth is protected by the barrier islands of Sanibel and Captiva. The city is served by the Southwest Florida International Airport.

The city has a humid, subtropical climate with abundant sunshine for most of the year. Summer temperatures can reach 92 degrees Fahrenheit in July, with January temperatures usually in the 70s, with occasional periods in the 50 degree Fahrenheit range. Rainfall occurs during the summer months, from June to September. Hurricane season is from June to late November.

The Fort Myers area was once home to a tribe of Native Americans called the Calusa, who had an extensive empire in the region. Later, the Seminole Indians also inhabited the area. In the 1500s, Ponce de Leon explored the area in his travels along the coast of Florida. As white settlers arrived, frequent clashes with the native tribes occurred. Cattle ranchers settled in the area around Fort Myers, raising beef for the market in Cuba. Fort Myers was twice chosen as a military fort by the U.S. Army in 1800's because of its strategic location on the Caloosahatchee River. In the 1900s, Fort Myers became a winter resort area for people escaping the harsh winters in the north. Fort Myer's year-round sunshine, mild temperatures, and abundant fishing grounds attracted many illustrious people, such as Thomas Edison and Henry Ford who built winter homes in the city. The city continues to be the winter residence of many people from the northern states.

Fort Myers, Florida, has a population of more than 63,500. Caucasians make up about 54 percent of the population, with African-Americans making up the next largest group at 32 percent. Hispanics or Latino made up 20 percent of Fort Myers population, with Asians and other groups making up the rest. The media age in Fort Myers, Florida is 41 years old, and the media household income is $33,000.

Fort Myers has a large tourism industry and many jobs related to the hospitality field. Retail and office jobs are another large sector of the economy. The largest employers in Fort Myers, Florida are governmental bodies, medical offices, hospitals, and construction and home services. Fort Myers is the winter training field for the Boston Red Sox and the Minnesota Twins.

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