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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has been inhabited for some 4,000 years, first by early Native Americans, and then by the Tequesta Indians. These people and the prehistoric people known as the "Glades Culture" lived off of the natural resources available along the New River. The Seminole Indians then appeared in the area in the early 19th century, along with a small amount of White settlers, mainly fishermen, who perched along the New River and also enjoyed and lived off of the abundant natural resources the river provided. Later, Fort Lauderdale was named after a Second Seminole War fortification that was built along the New River in 1838.

South Florida remained largely wilderness because there was a lack of transportation to the area, but in 1896, the Florida East Coast Railway was established and provided much-needed transportation to Fort Lauderdale and other parts of South Florida. This brought many new settlers to Fort Lauderdale and the city continued to grow in population until it was incorporated in 1911.

Fort Lauderdale, up until 1911, was mostly an agricultural community. After its incorporation, however, it began to grow as a resort town as well and it saw continued growth in population. A deadly hurricane in 1926 changed this growth trend and caused many residents to leave for good. South Florida experienced a devastating economic depression as a result of the destructive hurricane, but its economy was revived after World War II when many service men who had trained in the area decided to make Fort Lauderdale their home. Back were the days of tremendous growth for the area. New suburbs were created and by the 1980s, the city was known as a Spring Break haven for over 350,000 college students every year. Since 2010, Fort Lauderdale has boasted a population of over 180,000 and is currently the seventh largest city in the state of Florida. It is a major metropolitan area as well as a well-known tourist destination.

It is no wonder that thousands of people flock to Fort Lauderdale to enjoy their relaxing vacations. Located on the southeast coast of Florida between Miami and Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale enjoys a semi-tropical climate with over 3,000 hours of beautiful sunshine each year. Residents of the area and visiting tourists enjoy the lovely beaches, culture, recreation, relaxation, and entertainment that abound in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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