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El Paso International Airport is an international airport which serves the city of El Paso, TX. The airport is the only airport located in the city and frequently serves both travelers for business purposes as well as tourists.

The El Paso International airport is conveniently located near the downtown of El Paso. Travelers heading to the airport can take a number of different routes to get to the airport. Interstate 10, which runs right past the El Paso central business district, can be take west from the city and connect to US Route 62. US Route 62 will then run directly into the airport. The total drive from downtown El Paso is around 5 miles and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Individual traveling from the north and west of El Paso could also reach the airport by taking Interstate 10, which runs throughout the state of Texas.

Many of the people who come to El Paso are coming to visit the Fort Bliss armed forces base. Fort Bliss sits adjacent to the airport and offers visitors transportation to and from the airport.

Those commuters who need to get to the airport, but do not have a car have a few different options for transportation for getting to the airport. There are several taxi cab companies that serve the city of El Paso and will be willing to take passengers to and from the airport. While there may be a long line of taxis waiting for customers returning to El Paso, those who need a ride to the airport will need to call a cab in advance.

Beyond driving and taxi cabs, commuters have the option of taking public transportation to the airport. The city of El Paso has two different bus lines which provide access to and from the airport. The bus lines, which are Sun Metro Bus lines numbers 33 and 57 provide service to a large area of El Paso. Once inside the airport, travelers should not have a problem getting around. For those that need help walking and getting around the airport, the airport could provide a free golf cart ride from the entrance to check in, through security, and finally to their final gate.

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