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The history of the El Paso International Airport (ELP) in southern Texas can be traced to the 1920's. In 1927, the famous American pilot Charles Lindbergh visited the city of El Paso and inspired the local Aero club to come up with plans for a municipal airport. In 1928, more than 10,000 El Paso residents enthusiastically witnessed the opening of the city's first airport. During WWII, the El Paso Municipal Airport accommodated United States Air Force training programs. Some of the notable bomber jets that trained at the airport include B-17 Flying Fortress, B-24 Liberator, and B-29 Superfortress.

Today, the Biggs Army Airfield is located right across the El Paso International Airport. Passengers will definitely notice the latest military jets and other aircraft stationed nearby. What's even more fascinating is that the Biggs Army Airfield is part of Fort Bliss, the second largest Army complex in the United States. This fort covers more than 1,700 acres and features an entire community of residential homes, schools, and other essential military and civilian establishments.

After the war, the airport in El Paso once again regained status as a commercial flight operator and general aviation base. In the late 1960's, El Paso International Airport (ELP) boasted the tallest Air Traffic Control Tower in the United States, which was 130 feet tall. In 2000, the airport was a pioneer in adopting the STARS radar system for air traffic regulation and control. Such highlights truly make El Paso International Airport a key player in the nation's aviation history.

Today, the El Paso International Airport handles more than 3 million passengers per year. The airport operates using three asphalt runways, and two of them are used for commercial flights. The other runway is used for general aviation only. The longest runway stretches for over 12,000 feet, and is known as the 4/22. The terminal building at El Paso International Airport has two levels featuring two concourses. The West Concourse leads to the A gates and the East Concourse leads to the B gates. All of the 15 gates are located in the upper level of the terminal.

Having more than 1,200 spaces, the short-term parking lot at El Paso International Airport is located right across the terminal. The long-term parking lot is located slightly farther away from the terminal and offers up to 4,500 parking spaces and free shuttle services.

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