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Airlines Serving El Paso International Airport

American Airlines
American Airlines is one of America's largest commercial airline carriers. It currently offers at least six commuter flights each day that travel to Dallas and the Metroplex area. Most of these flights are available early in the morning and early in the evening for your convenience. Passengers can learn more details about these flights by visiting the American Airlines Customer Relations Center located near Terminal A.

American Eagle Airlines
American Eagle Airlines is a subsidiary of SkyWest Airlines and American Airlines. It offers at least one dozen non-stop flights each day that travel to several major American transportation hubs. Some of the destinations served by American Eagle Airlines include Chicago's O'Hare Airport, Bob Hope International Airport, and Los Angeles International Airport. Passengers can learn about these flights by visiting the information booth operated by American Eagle Airlines that is located near Terminal A.

Delta Airlines
Delta Airlines is an Atlanta-based commercial airline that has offered service to El Paso residents for more than 30 years. It currently offers at least eight flights each day that travel to Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. At least half of these flights offer non-stop service, snacks and movies. For more details about these flights, please visit the Delta Airlines Customer Service Center located near Terminal B.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines is a Dallas-based national airline that offers budget-minded consumers flights that travel to over 200 destinations located in the United States. It is one of the three largest airlines that currently provide service to El Paso International Airport.

Southwest Airlines currently offers El Paso residents over 180 flights that travel to over 30 destinations located in the western United States. Some of their most popular destinations include Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, and San Diego. Other popular destinations include Phoenix and Albuquerque, N.M.

United Express Airlines
United Express Airlines is a group of regional airlines that pool their resources together to provide more flights to El Paso residents. Some of the airlines that are a part of this group include ExpressJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines, and SkyWest Airlines.

United Express Airlines offers 50 fights each week that travel to several popular American transportation hubs. Some of these destinations include Chicago's O'Hare Airport, Denver International Airport, Houston's Intercontinental Airport, and Phoenix International Airport. Passengers may learn more details about these flights by visiting the United Express Airlines Customer Service Terminal located near Terminal 2 and El Paso International Airport's primary security checkpoint.

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