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Edmonton is the capital of Canada's Alberta province. It is located in the Mountain Time zone near one of North America's northernmost points on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. It is a friendly metropolitan city that is well-known for its parks, clean environment and simple charm. It is also well-known for its role as one of Canada's most influential cultural, educational and governmental centers.

Edmonton's most important industries include the retail industry, a thriving research industry, modern health care industries, and a thriving manufacturing industry. Another important industry is the commercial development of Alberta's oil and natural gas resources.

Edmonton's public education system features 16 colleges, over 40 private schools and over 130 public schools. Many of these schools have been recognized by the Alberta provincial government for their ability to provide a high-quality education to a diverse student body.

Edmonton residents can trace the modern history of their city back to 1754 when a group of British explorers from the Hudson's Bay Company explored the area's potential as a fur-trading center. Many of the explorers visited the area several times to search for a viable location for a trading center.

The Hudson's Bay Company finally established Fort Edmonton near what is now the downtown area in 1795. The fort served as a vital trading center for dry goods merchants and trappers. It also served as the last stop for the Carlton Trail that connected the Edmonton River Valley with Fort Augustus.

Edmonton became a vital railroad center during the second half of the 19th century after the establishment of a key railroad route between Calgary and Edmonton's agricultural center. Edmonton would later become one western Canada's most important commercial centers during the 20th century once business owners discovered Edmonton's lower cost of living and highly educated population.

Edmonton is now a bustling metropolitan city that attracts many new residents. Many people move to Edmonton each year because Edmonton's friendly atmosphere and thriving economy invite new residents to create meaningful lives at their own pace.

Edmonton's climate is well-known for producing many sunny days during the spring and summer. These sunny days typically produce temperatures that range from 55-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, Edmonton is well-known for its windy fall weather and cold winter weather that produce temperatures that range from 0-45 degrees Fahrenheit. Most locals recommend bringing extra layers of clothing to prepare for the prairie winds that often accommodate these cooler temperatures.

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