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Edmonton International Airport Information

The Edmonton International Airport is less than 20 miles southwest from the city of Edmonton in Canada. Originally, the airport was at a different location in Edmonton, but it outgrew the site after a number of years. The current location was chosen in 1955 and was opened a few years later. The new airport was able to receive bigger planes. The result was that more national and international flights began to come to the area. Over time, the airport continued to grow and a new terminal was built along with other airport facilities. Today, Edmonton International Airport has just finished construction on a brand new terminal, which includes moving walkways among other things.

Edmonton International Airport has an amazing art collection that is found throughout the terminal and concourses. Art pieces are from a variety of national and international artists. Works of art include Skywall, Bush Pilot in Northern Sky, Kopperscape, and Twilight Apparitions.

There are a number of parking options available at Edmonton International Airport. People who are looking for a place to park that is inexpensive can park at Parkade Parking. It is an excellent place for folks to park and meet family members and friends. There are certain levels at Parkade Parking where folks can plug-in their vehicles during the cold winter months. Battery jumps and other services are available for free.

Value Park is a great place for folks to park. There is a complimentary shuttle service that takes folks to the location they need to go. In addition to this, the shuttle service attendants are available to help their customers with luggage. Executive Park is a parking lot for business travelers and executives. Parking is close to the terminal and the parking situation is streamlined to cut waiting time parking the car and leaving the lot. Priority Valet is an excellent service where valet attendants help travelers get checked-in and into the terminal in a fast amount of time. They take care of the vehicle and bring it back when the traveerl comes back from their trip. Other services that the Priority Valet provides for additional costs are oil changes and filling up a vehicle with gasoline. For folks who prefer to wait in their cars while picking someone up at the airport, the place to go is the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. This parking lot offers free parking for a limited amount of time.

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