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The East Midlands Airport is a widely respected and well-trusted airline service provider that, as of today, has been in operation for well over seventy years. In this company's long seventy-year span of service, there have been many defining moments that have lent to its current state. Due to the East Midlands Airport's strong devotion to quality customer service, security and environmental concerns, they have garnered up a sizable array of awards. These awards are as follows: the Best UK Airport award, the World’s Leading Eco Friendly Airport award, the Green Apple Bronze for Sustainable Transport award, the Best Airport award, the Airport of the Year award and the Best UK Regional Airport award. All of these should give you a pretty good idea of just how amazing the traveler's experience with East Midlands Airport really is! One step that the East Midlands Airport has made toward a healthier environment and feasibly sustainable future incorporated the employment of an innovative WebTrak system. This program was initiated in 2006 as the first system in any UK airport that produced documented recordings of operations. The airport continually develops environmentally conscious approaches toward flight operations.

The airport is located in the center of England and is easily reached by car, bus, coach or train. Its location offers convenience and plenty of recreation for the waiting periods between flights. On an annual basis, this airport helps just over four and a half million travelers to make their airborne journeys across the globe. East Midlands Airport provides their service to ninety different locations, and this number continues to grow exponentially. It is a pivotal aspect to the United Kingdom, having created an average of six thousand jobs for the region and earning the country a staggering £300 million on a yearly basis. Here, the economy thrives.

The East Midlands Airport also works as the nation's leading freight line provider, serving through a wide array of corporate freight technicians. These companies, which include UPS, DHL and TNT, all operate as part of the central station for the country's Royal Mail. Furthermore, the airport is also a key figure in the nation's aviation program. That is because the East Midlands Airport offers its full support to as many as 130,000 jobs in the country. Furthermore, the airline circulates £3.2 billion to the United Kingdom's economy. Both of these figures will continue to grow and increase in value.
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