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Dusseldorf in western Germany is a global leader in finance and fashion. The city is capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. As far as culture is concerned, the city has a famous academy of fine arts. The urban center has also had a significant influence on electronic music with Kraftwerk, and with its diverse population is included a strong and growing Japanese community. A beautiful riverside city, Dusseldorf is both a modern and historic German metropolis.

Most of the city is on the eastern banks of the Rhine River at the estuary of the smaller Dussel River. In the Lower Rhine Basin, Dusseldorf has a moderately cold climate. The wintertime temperature average is close to 37 degrees Fahrenheit, and the summer's temperatures hover at approximately 64 degrees. Now, Dusseldorf is surrounded by other cities in the Lower Rhineland, and it is only about a 40-minute drive northeast from Cologne. The two major urban centers have had a friendly and competitive rivalry between them for many years.

In fact, the people of the two communities came together during the 1100s when they sided with the count of Berg against the Archbishop of Cologne. Soon after winning in battle against Cologne's Archbishop, the count of Berg granted the village of Dusseldorf official township. Eventually, the comaraderie of Cologne and Dusseldorf died down. Economics played its part as the two towns competed commercially.

Of course, the people in the Dusseldorf area had been established for centuries before the 1100s. During the time when Rome conquered and ruled Western Europe, some of the Germanic peoples clung to their farms along the delta of the little Dussel River. From these farmers grew a farming community and eventually the town that has become today's Dusseldorf.

Unfortunately, much of the historic city was destroyed during the bombings of World War II. Still, some significant buildings and streets remain. Reconstruction was completed rapidly after the war, and the earnest hard work of the citizens organized and built the city into the leadership roll it currently has in the world of finance and culture. Fashion and technology have been highly successful in Dusseldorf. The city is a center for Television productions and other media formats. Dusseldorf is a strong governmental base for the state, and service and manufacturing industries have also boosted the economy.

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